6/18/2011 03:36:00 PM

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Sucker Punch was released on March 25 worldwide. It was one of my most anticipated movie this year. But, those deathly movie tax prevented me and the other Indonesian Cinephile to watch this flick in Indonesia Theaters. We were so freak'n sad and angry.
There's one thing that makes Sucker Punch became one of my most anticipated movie this year : Zack Snyder. Yeah, he is my favorite director 'cause he made Watchmen, the best movie I've ever seen in my life. Beside, I also love how he created action sequences in his movies (watch 300, Watchmen. You'll know what I mean). They are so artistic, stylish and mindblowing, so far only him and Wachowski Brothers (the Matrix trilogy) can make those extraordinary action sequences.
Unfortunately, Original movie is Zack Snyder's weakness. Yeah, Sucker Punch is his first original movie that wasn't adapted from any comic books. And it sucks both on box office and quality (lack of good script, confusing plot, etc). But, as Zack Snyder fans and for those who love action movie, Sucker Punch is definitely a must watch.

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