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This post was intended for international blu-ray collectors who live in a country where blu-rays are much more expensive and uglier than the US version.

It’s not a secret that many of the blu-ray buyers aren’t from United States. Amazon can delivers your purchases to your doorstep where ever you live around the world. While it truly works like a charm, you still couldn’t get all the bonuses that come with your blu-rays. Yes, it’s an Ultraviolet and iTunes Digital Copy. That’s quite an unfortunate. You’ve paid more than the U.S citizen (tax + shipping), but couldn’t get what you should get because of the restrictions which come from the studios that produce your blu-rays. Ultraviolet and iTunes Digital Copy are strictly for buyers who live in the United States (and always be). I’ve tried the instruction on the Digital Copy code flyer, and the result was a big disappointment because they won’t give a damn with non US citizen (mostly because many other country also get their own blu-ray / DVD release). But last week, I suddenly found a brilliant and a very easy way to redeem it. 
FIRST, and the most important part : 
Make a US iTunes Account. If you don’t know how, google always has the answers.

There’re two ways to get your Digital Copy because there’re also two kind of code. 20th Century Fox, Disney and some of the Universal releases give you a disc with a digital copy file that can be copied straightly to your iTunes with a code. And it’s very easy if you have a US iTunes account. 

Just pop your digital copy disc into your PC / Mac, make sure you’ve logged in with US iTunes account (or it won’t work), and follow the instruction. Period.

Then, there’re Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros. who ask you to download your own digital copy. This is the tricky part because if you (once again, non US citizen) follow the instruction, you won’t get anything because they can track your IP Address and location! Change your IP address may come to mind; but believe me, you don’t have to do that. 

And here’s how. Open your iTunes store. Make sure you’ve logged in with US iTunes account (or it won’t work). Then scroll down until it won’t go down anymore. You’ll find a very tiny words. Look for “redeem” on the 'manage' column. Yes, click it.

And, ta-da! All you’vd to do right now is typing your digital copy code on the box. Then, if the code is correct, iTunes will download it automatically for you.

That’s it!

Note : 
  1. I’m really sorry if my grammar have made you laugh. I don’t live in english-speaking country.
  2. IMHO. Getting your digital copy outside the US IS NOT illegal. Because you paid for it and use it for your own good. 
  3. Digital copy works with iPod, iPhone and iPad

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  1. Hi Elbert,

    Never mind the grammar old boy - you are a true champion. Problem solved thanks to you and not Paramount.

  2. You are a true champion!! Kudos to you I am in awe! three hours of frustration have finally paid off!

  3. Why in the world would I want it itunes, if I only own android devices. In Canada it is hit & miss with google play, even for blurays purchased in a local store. (Mostly miss.) I purchased Alien Convenant and Logan at Costco yesterday. Both included a Digital HD as part of the price. Alien Convenant registered no problem, but Logan won't.

    Of course I can rip the bluray, but the point of the HD Digital copy is to give me a way to stream on the road, without clogging up my home network outbound traffic. It is a pity, I watched Alien Covenant first, as now I have nothing new to watch on my trip coming up this weekend.

    HD Digital is just a scam pure and simple. It would be like selling a random string of numbers as steam keys. It is impossible to get a refund, exchange, etc.


Just do it.