9/15/2014 11:05:00 PM

People made lots of challenges in the internet, recently. Like the worldwide phenomenon ice bucket challenge, which I thought was an utter non-sense. And then ‘post your #cinephilephoto’ challenge, which is quite easy to do (I posted ‘Dr. Ryan Stone’s haunting fetal position’ in Gravity, if you really want to know). And then this, ‘write 20 facts about yourself’ challenge which is currently booming on Instagram. I was tagged by some of my friends on Twitter, Path, and then on Instagram, and I thought, why not? And here it is, the 20 BORING FACTS ABOUT ME THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE KNOWN IF YOU’D FOLLOWED MY TWITTER @ELBERT_REYNER OR SIMPLY BEING ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. Boy, that’s truly mouthful for a title. 

  1. I’m a cinephile, a movie blogger, a graphic designer, a filmmaker, a serial killer, an entrepreneur, and a writer. 
  2. I’m an authorized novelist, have published two award-winning short stories, and soon, an award-winning novel in Summer 2015. 
  3. Never snatched a good grade in Bahasa, and yet, my first novel, Memories from the Rain, has been awarded as one of the top eight best novel of the year (2014) in a national writing competition, ditching some Bahasa Lecturer I have known in those competition. Welcome to the real world, bitch.
  4. Love to spend money on original Blu-rays and imported books, but only ten percents of them have been watched or read. I just love to collect and admire them on my shelves.
  5. A HUGE Quentin Tarantino fan. Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds are two of his very bests, and I could watch them everyday.
  6. Perfectionist, with capital P. 
  7. Have a complete list of XXI's best seats in Surabaya, which has made me the only person in Surabaya who has that kind of list. Trust me.
  8. Have a wickedly unusual sense of humor. I found Evil Dead super hilarious and Rowan Atkinson unfunny.
  9. Nominated for one Piala Maya for the best film critics of 2013, but didn't win it.
  10. Love to read, watch, and write a story about lose and death. I find it fascinating.
  11. I'm just too lazy to read other author’s books. And if I really, really want to read it, it took me about roughly a month, sometimes two, to finish one novel. And you know what, I could finish writing a novel just in one month.
  12. Favorite brands: Apple and Louis Vuitton. They have made some of the most beautiful things in the history of mankind.
  13. I only work in black. And sometimes, a very very very dark gray. 
  14. An introvert, but not an anti-social. 
  15. Favorite day of the week: Wednesday. Guess why!
  16. A cynical, a paranoid, and a somewhat hardcore OCD-er (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). 
  17. Hate to have guests / visitors. They always make me nervous like hell. 
  18. Have an acute stage fright. I could passed out on the stage.
  19. Songs of the seventies and eighties are the best. Some of my favorites: Elvin Bishop’s Fooled Around and Fell in Love, The Beatles’ Yesterday, Rupert Holmes’ The Pina Colada Song, Risky Business’ Old Time Rock and Roll (hail Tom Cruise’s underwear!), Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell, Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love, 10cc’s I’m not in Love, Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ Come on Eileen, The Samples’ Could it be Another Change, The Five Stairsteps’ O-O-H Child, and David Bowie’s Space Oddity.
  20. Friendzoned twice, and boy, that hurts like hell.

That’s all, and sorry for my terrible english. 


I nominate TheBookieLooker.com, TheJoseMovieReview.blogspot.com, PepperyCarbonara.blogspot.com and Aleena-Deandra.com to do this challenge!

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  1. eerily similar.
    specifically on no. 7; i have a note on my smartphone about "Blitz' best seats" in every auditorium.

    nice to know you, btw :D

  2. HAAAAH!!! Nominated me??? Why mee??? Why not Arul instead? LOL
    Okay let me think about myself first yah... bisa lama loh... :D

  3. Is it true that you has been nominated for one of the best book in 2014, woaah. Fantastic, dude.

    Wednesday, because that day there's one new movie in theatres ;)

    And, I know how is it feel to be in a friendzone, haha.

    Nice title anyway, hahaha.

  4. @timotius: hahaha. Yes, nice to know that I am not the only one.

  5. @vijo: yes!! hahaha. Gw tunggu. Lupa kasih nominee ke Arul. Arul, kalau kamu baca ini, I nominate you!

  6. @Rahmat: yes, it's true. Thanks a lot, dude :D


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